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Cleanliness that starts at molecular level.

Unlike cheapo products in the market, QUICKIE® Waterless Carwash gives you a professional car detailing job in real time. The satin-wet-look finish indicates a renewed clear coat surface. The velvety smooth surface proves that physical contaminants are cleared. 

What sets us apart from other brands?

Some products are re-branded and diluted household cleaning agents that contains harmful aerosols and chlorine-based solvents. QUICKIE® Waterless Carwash is formulated for cars and motorcycles. Our patented formula rejuvenates polymer, clear coat, matte, plastic, leather and metal surface. It prolongs the brand new look of your prized possession.

Achieve the true Hydrophobic Effect

Some brands use petroleum distillates to repel water without realizing it could also damage the vehicle's paint.

We use silicon surfactant (cosmetic grade and clear coat compatible) and carnauba wax to bond with your vehicle's surface thereby achieving the highest degree of water repellency.

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